Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog intro...

This year, I have felt led to a more free form message format for Sunday worship.  For several years, I have mapped out sermon series months in advance, carrying topics or books through several weeks.  While I will likely have series around a topic or Scripture emerge, the plan is to preach from what God is lifting to my attention on our Journey Through the Bible.

I hope to connect our journeys more closely in this way.  And, I hope to be of help in understanding the Scriptures as we walk through them together.

This blog is meant to aid that effort by offering additional insights on reading Scripture, such as historical context and interpretation for today.  I am excited to be able to share more often and more personally on the journey than I would be able to during Sunday worship.

As we start this year's journey, I want to offer something that I feel that God has been lifting to my attention recently.  In this past year's journey, I felt God making me more aware of Jesus in the Old Testament.  It is often assumed that Jesus just showed up in Matthew and the Old Testament is different and old and sort of irrelevant.  There are even Bibles that omit all of the Old Testament but the Psalms.

But, Jesus is the Eternal Son of God come in the flesh.  He was not created at 1 AD.  He has always been at work - creating, giving grace and comfort, the revealing Word of God.  And, we see Jesus again and again in the Old Testament, prefigured, in person and prophesied or predicted.

I heard a great sermon recently about this by Pastor Mark Driscoll.  I would recommend reading, watching or listening to the sermon, The Bible is about Jesus.  I believe looking for Jesus in the Old Testament will seriously increase how meaningful the reading is to you.


  1. Pastor Jeremy-thank you for creating this blog to help us understand more fully these daily readings. There are many scriptures in the Bible that I do not understand and have a hard time seeing God in. So I really look forward to reading your daily comments and hopefully having more understanding and a closer relationship with God.


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